Tibbo LTTP3 – Tibbit® Blocks

So, what is a Tibbit® Block ? Quite simply it’s a prepackaged I/O module for the TIBBO Project system. Utilising either direct I/O lines, Serial, or the I2C communication bus that exists on the Tibbo Project Board. Tibbits are sub-divided into the following types.

  • “M” devices – Modules
  • “C” devices – Connectors
  • “H” devices – Hybrids, a combination of C & M devices that are intrinsically linked.

M & C devices come in narrow and wide formats.

There are over 40 Tibbits available now with more modules promised.

A full list of available Tibbits can be found on the Tibbo Store

For those wanting more technical details about the module connections and pin definitions see the following page