Tibbo LTPP3 - Tibbo Project Box

Tibbo LTPP3 – Tibbo Project Box

Quite simply, the Tibbo Project Box is an enclosure for the Tibbo project system. For the LTTP3 Linux project mainboard, you need a matching enclosure. The TPB3 is that enclosure.

This is where the elegance and LEGO type simplicity of the Tibbo system begin to shine. The two longest sides of the TPB3 enclosure are made up of individual single width blank modules. At the locations where you have a “C” Tibbit the blank is removed, and the Tibbit replaces that part of the enclosure wall. Simplicity in action.

The parts list for the TBP3 is as follows

  1. Top cover
  2. Bottom cover
  3. Right wall
  4. Left wall
  5. LED light guide
  6. Back label
  7. Paper insert, bottom row
  8. Paper insert, top row
  9. 2 paper insert covers
  10. MD/RST button PCB
  11. 14 blank Tibbit connector shells
  12. 4 main screws
  13. 4 PCB screws

Everything slots together, with the entire enclosure being secured with 4 screws (12).

The LTTP3 project board currently doesn’t support an LCD display so this option is not available.

A DIN rail mounting kit is also available for those wishing to use their finished Tibbo project in a more industrial setting.